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Pregnancy Resource Act: The first of its Kind!

Mississippi is leading the way in an incredible achievement that will support our Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) across the state. Mississippi is the first state to provide a dollar-for-dollar business tax credit for donations to PRCs such as Hope Clinic. The new law (HB 1685) establishes a $3.5 million tax credit aimed at helping us meet the needs of our communities. This law is win-win for taxpayers, business owners, pro-lifers, and pregnancy resource centers. We are very thankful for Speaker Philip Gunn’s leadership and Gov. Tate Reeves signing this bill into law. We appreciate their recognizing the lifesaving work of pregnancy resource centers and taking this bold step to help us continue our vital work in the communities we serve.

In anticipation of the Dobbs decision, we are preparing to serve more women in unplanned pregnancies than ever before, and this tax credit could not have come at a better time. Studies show this could end up saving the state millions of dollars. We are asking our pro-life business owners to be ready to donate to Hope Clinic when the time is right. We will learn more about how this law will take effect and provide you with more information in the coming months. So please continue praying for the Supreme Court’s decision and those we serve each month.

For more information about this law:

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