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Historic Victory for Life

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Prayers for our divided nation

The mission continues

The overturning of Roe and Casey is a historic victory for life! We are living during a momentous, incredible time. This is truly a day we will never forget. Our many prayers have been answered. The cause for hope and joy for the pregnancy help movement has come true. Roe and Casey are overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. We applaud the work of those that worked tirelessly and without reservation for the lives of the unborn and women. We give all the praise and glory to the Creator of life, the Author of this victory.

Our next step must first begin with prayer for our divided nation as we witness the angry and blinded response from citizens within our beautiful country. Although this division comes as no surprise, we must trust in the Lord to change the hearts of those who are open to the one who created them. Just as we are witnessing a miracle by overturning the most significant case in our nation's history, we must also trust in God one person at a time. As a colleague stated, we need to pray for a Saul-Paul conversion. Pray for those traveling the road of rage and needing God's healing, which only He can provide. Let us have grace and mercy for those blinded by God's truth and love. Give them a reason to want to seek God through the love that we can extend to them.

Our prayers must also include those who experienced the trauma of abortion, as the overruling could have triggered many emotions of guilt and regret. At Hope Clinic, we love all women, no matter their pregnancy decision. The word of God says in 1 John 4:8 that "whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." We can only imagine how difficult this time can be, so we want to offer our services of post-abortion support. This support can be provided either individually or in a group setting.

The mission continues! Onward we go, and upward we are to grow because the work of the pregnancy resource centers does not end here. We will continue to provide clarity with compassion to those who need our care and support when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We will continue to be there for her right when she calls us for her medical and counseling needs and speak words of encouragement about parenting and the adoption option. Our next steps include the need to expand our practical resources of education and baby supplies. At Hope Clinic, we are here to empower her to eliminate obstacles that stand in the way between her and her pregnancy.

Abortion on demand will continue as women seek abortions in other states and, more likely, order the abortion pill online with easy access. When fear overtakes her while searching for the abortion pill, we want her to find Hope Clinic first to help redirect her fear into hope. Through our many encounters, we believe that most women do not want to have an abortion. They feel like they have no other choice because of a lack of finances and resources. Research has shown that the number one reason women have an abortion is due to a lack of support. At Hope Clinic, our goal is to be a part of that support system. We want to meet her right where she is by encouraging and accepting her and being there before and after no matter the decision. If we believe and stand for life in the womb, we must also care for and support all life—her and the baby's life. Let's not leave her alone in her fear and confusion but guide her so she can gain confidence to do the hard things as we extend a hand of grace, mercy, and support.

For the mission to continue, it must include you. Please pray for peace for our country, protection for those serving in pregnancy resource centers, and more women than ever would find comfort and support at Hope Clinic. Pray about your volunteer involvement and financial support of Hope Clinic; visit us at Also, consider how your church will minister to those in unplanned pregnancies; visit for more information. Order their helpful book with over 300 ideas on how you can use your unique strengths, gifts, and talents to help empower women in their life decision.

I want to thank those who have faithfully supported us in prayer and financial donations. Thank you for being a part of advancing the culture of life in America. May God continue to richly bless you for all you do on behalf of His most defenseless.

I look forward to walking into this Post-Roe era in partnership with all of you!

For information on the Mississippi law after the Supreme Courts ruling click on the link below:

Mississippi Senate Bill
Download PDF • 12KB

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