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"Help Her Be Brave"

Life has been hard, more than challenging, for Emily for the past several years.

She had her first baby during this time and made it this far, caring for her son by

herself as a single mother. She said those long nights with a little baby, long days

of work, and being the sole caregiver of someone so dependent was a gift, but it

had taken its toll. Emily shared with her care coordinator about his neurodiversity

and that she had met that challenge with love. However, when she told the father

of this pregnancy she'd had a positive test, his response was one of apathy.

He didn't care what Emily chose to do because he wouldn't be involved. Emily

believed she would not have the physical or mental capacity to parent another

baby and that, in her mind, she had

to come to Hope Clinic to receive information

on medical abortion. It's easy to see through Emily's circumstances that she was finding it difficult to be brave, but then she found Hope!

With tears, Emily was vulnerable. She shared about the moments she spent in prayer and seeking guidance, but knowing her challenges, she believed abortion was her only true option. "I can't do this alone" was the thought that seemed to be screaming in her mind. Her current circumstances had given her a difficult picture of her future, and she felt there was no place in it for another child. The nurse was able to do an ultrasound that day, but all that could be seen was a tiny embryo with no heartbeat.

The nurse took time to explain that there was a chance this could mean the pregnancy was not viable, but most likely, it meant that she was around five weeks. She told her at that time, in development, a heart was beating, and the baby was growing; it just couldn't be seen by

ultrasound yet. Emily agreed to return for another ultrasound in a week for a better answer. When she came back, she had brought her son and her mother, and to our surprise, a light of Hope was on her face. Before the ultrasound, she and the nurse spent some time alone, and when asked if she was still contemplating abortion, that light of Hope grew brighter with her smile as she said, "Oh, no…no way! You got me with those pictures!" When she saw the baby on the first ultrasound- just a speck of white not even measuring half a centimeter- Emily's focus changed. She didn't see all that she couldn't do, but she only saw what could be. The second ultrasound solidified Emily's decision to be 'brave' through all of her challenges.

Emily delivered a beautiful baby girl. She expressed her gratitude for the ways Hope Clinic helped her. Being brave for Emily meant continuing through a hard situation with determination to focus on the Hope in front of her and the help around her. She had her family's help and Hope Clinic's support from those beginning moments, follow-up, and Connections baby showers. Even just coming to get diapers and wipes helped Emily take small steps to see that she CAN do this.

When a community comes together to support a pregnancy clinic, it helps the women inside the community be brave, shifting a perspective. Pray for Emily and others like her that they will choose courage in their circumstances as we 'help her be brave' together. What can you do to 'Help Her Be Brave’ get involved or donate today!


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