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Determined to Love

Hope Clinic has been a safe place for women to talk out their most difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis. The current social isolation has caused many to feel alone and hopeless, making unplanned pregnancies even more unwanted. At Hope Clinic we have been determined to continue reaching out with love and truth during these times. Two recent college students that desperately needed us were profoundly impacted by their experience at Hope Clinic. Both young girls had set their minds on abortion because they were not prepared to parent and were uncertain of support from the potential fathers.

According to the process we have used since the pandemic began, both clients were first provided a phone consultation where they were able to voice their concerns.

Both experiences were different, but both had the remarkable outcome of life. Through one student’s time at Hope Clinic she began to discover the baby as hope rather than a threat. And even though she had accepted that the biological father would not be there for her and the baby, she was confident that her many friends and family members would be. The other student experienced an extremely critical moment during the ultrasound when she saw her baby and heard the heartbeat for the very first time. She was amazed at how much an 8-week fetus moved around. This experience gave her confidence that she wanted this baby.

At Hope Clinic we have been determined to show compassion through love and truth by speaking life for the unborn and hope into those who carry them. It was an incredible privilege to be there for these two and many others uncertain of what lies ahead.

Despite our current circumstances, LIFE has been impacted for good through the services of Hope Clinic. God’s word has come to life like never before, as we are seeing face-to-face through these times that what was intended for evil, God intends for good.

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