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Beyond our Expectations

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

"Sylvia" arrived at the clinic, fearful that she may have been pregnant with another child. She was afraid, uncertain, and angry at herself for making a poor choice. Sylvia was currently in school and facing losing financial support to continue achieving her goals. During Sylvia’s time here, she was able to share her feelings and beliefs about pregnancy and how abortion conflicted with who she felt she was. But she thought she had no other choice.

Sylvia returned for an ultrasound with her boyfriend, "Carl." The couple did not express in words how the ultrasound had impacted them, but it was evident that they were questioning their decision to have an abortion. When they left, we were unsure of what the outcome would be for them.

We made multiple attempts to contact Sylvia after that appointment, and we could not reach her. We were sure she had decided to have an abortion. Then, one day, Sylvia called us and shared that they chose to keep the baby! God’s hand reaches far beyond what we expect.

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