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Volunteer Highlight: More than an Internship

Having the opportunity to serve as an intern at Hope Clinic has been more than a career-changing experience. I also had the chance to further cultivate my walk in Christ in more ways than I imagined. To say that I am surprised would be an understatement, especially, considering the divine steps that brought me here in the first place. Before interning with Hope Clinic, I had no idea who they were, what they did, or how I would fit into the atmosphere. In 2017, Steffani, the clinic manager, came to a class and spoke about their services. I was immediately drawn to the clinic due to my interest in women’s health. I took a business card and kept it in the dash of my car for a year before I gave them a call. I did not realize then how God had already laid out all these steps for me. After contacting Hope Clinic regarding an internship, I was informed that there had never been an intern there due to limited spacing and the abundance of community volunteers. This information gave me some doubt that maybe I should not pursue this internship. But I couldn’t let it rest, so my Spirit gave me hope that if I continue to ask and seek then it would work out. In the midst of continuing to make calls and scheduling appointments, I still had no idea why I was so keen on interning here.

After meeting with the Executive Director, Karen Sims, she gave me groundbreaking news on my acceptance of being the first intern to serve at Hope Clinic. Then the real work and miracles began to happen. That day I shared a story with her that I thought I would never be able to tell anyone, let alone a complete stranger. For the first time ever, I shared my story of having an abortion. Here I am being accepted as an intern at a clinic that serves expecting mothers and counsels women considering abortion in the hope that they choose life, yet I have had an abortion. That day I felt like I could no longer commit to the internship because of my past transgressions. But later, I was connected with the clinic's post-abortive group that takes women on a 13-week journey that helps heal their broken wounds caused by this hard decision they faced in their lives. Through that group I found more than healing. I grew closer to my heavenly Father and He broke chains that I never knew I had.

During my time at the clinic, I have gone from never sharing my story to sharing it, healing through it, gaining a new perspective on abortion, and becoming able to share my experience with others.I have shared my experience with multiple women and teens I have encountered through community outreach done through my coursework on considering the best option for pregnancy. From this experience as an intern, I have been able to grow my networking skills and enhance my community connections.With guidance I have developed new solutions regarding dates, times, and locations of events. I have prepared fliers for projects, developed agendas, and reached out to community leaders such as teachers in order to provide information about health education and the services of hope Clinic. In addition, I have had the chance to serve in Christ and finally experience a life-changing healing I will never forget.

This was more than an intern and more than just living my life. This was fulfilling God’s plan and the steps He laid out for me to be able to reach and connect with others through my story. It all started with Steffani being obedient and coming to my class in 2017. I am more than grateful. I am more than hopeful. I am more than just an intern here.

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