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Panic to Peace: A Hope Clinic Experience

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

An interracial couple came into the clinic requesting abortion information. The young woman was panicked about the positive results of the pregnancy test. Out of fear that her family would disown her, she had been keeping her relationship with her boyfriend a secret for five years. Now, faced with the inevitable and the news of an unexpected pregnancy, she did not know how she was going to tell them that she was pregnant. Choosing abortion seemed to be her only way to keep from losing her family.

The young man was very patient with her and hoped that she would choose to carry his baby. During their time with us, we created a safe space for them to discuss their options. The father of the baby was able to look her in the eyes and tell her that he was going to stay by her side and support her. When they returned for their ultrasound appointment, she was still undecided. The ultrasound seemed to have made an impact on her, but the fear of believing that she would lose her family kept her doubting and considering abortion. They expressed how thankful they were for Hope Clinic and the compassionate staff and volunteers. A few weeks later, we followed up with them and discovered that they decided to carry and parent. When asked how her family handled the news, she replied, “I know y’all have been praying. They handled it well”. Help from supporters like you afford us the opportunity to continue the mission of saving and impacting lives for others faced with similar circumstances. No matter what part you play, with each and every girl we encounter, your role is significant.

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