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Sometimes the Outcome is Different than we Thought...

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

She came in determined that abortion was the best option for her. "Jessica" just knew this was not the right time. There wasn’t enough money, and there were too many plans for her life that had not been fulfilled. At Hope Clinic we see each patient anywhere from one to four times during their decision making process, and sometimes we are left never knowing what some of our patients have decided. Jessica came back a few times and one of those visits was for the ultrasound and it was evident it made an impact on her.

We gave her all the information she needed on all of her options and gave it with compassion and understanding.

She was exposed to the love of Christ and she knew that she was at a place that cared for her well-being. During her last visit here she left undecided, questioning her decision to have an abortion more than ever, but we didn’t hear from her again. Of course we sometimes consider the worst and always think we have lost contact because they made a final decision to end their pregnancy. But, we do not lose hope and we know our God works and moves in people’s lives beyond what we know and see. We do our part planting the seeds and trust God’s work in our patients’ lives because He is Sovereign. Sometimes we will never know, but sometimes we get the rest of the story months later.

If you haven’t guessed it yet… Yes, she decided to carry her baby term and for that we praise our mighty God!

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