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Life's Curve Balls

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Life has an unexplainable way of throwing curve balls at us that we don’t always anticipate. This is true for the young lady, “Samantha”, who arrived to the clinic, unexpectedly pregnant with her first child. She and her boyfriend had been in a relationship for a while and had already made the decision to have an abortion. In addition to the stressors of being a student and working full-time, she feared that her family would be disappointed in her.

During the consult with one of our Care Coordinators, it was discovered that the young lady’s decision to have an abortion conflicted with her spiritual beliefs. Also, her indecisiveness came from her boyfriend’s attempt at being supportive by not sharing how he truly felt about the pregnancy and/or the abortion. She left undecided but stated that she felt comfortable during her time at Hope Clinic and she appreciated our willingness to help educate her on all issues. Samantha would return for her ultrasound in a few days.

When she returned for her ultrasound her boyfriend was with her. It was apparent that seeing her baby made an impact by the expression on her face, although she did not verbalize that clearly. Her boyfriend was excited, but they still stated they were undecided about their decision. A few days later the young lady contacted us to let us know they were going to keep their baby. The couple had spent time communicating with each other their fears and beliefs which led them to make a final decision to carry and parent their baby.

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