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Moving Past The Challenges!

"Kinley" was referred to Hope Clinic by a local OB/GYN office. Uncertainty overwhelmed her when she realized she was pregnant. She called Hope Clinic requesting information about all of her options. There were multiple factors to the complication of seeing those double lines on the stick that caused her panic. She recently went through a difficult season that brought her to this moment. One thing Kinley did feel certain about was that she believed she was not equipped mentally or financially to go through with this pregnancy. When she arrived at Hope Clinic, Kinley first met with the nurse. We learned that there was past abuse in her life, concerns about mental health issues, and a recent broken relationship. When our care coordinator met with her, they broke down the details of these roadblocks to help Kinley find her clear path. At the beginning of the conversation, she was considering abortion as her number one choice. All three options, abortion, adoption, and parenting, were discussed. The core of Kinley's fear was that she did not feel capable of moving past her challenges and becoming the mother her baby would need. Past trauma usually has any of us questioning our worth, strength, and abilities. It was evident that this

young woman needed someone to speak words of life and encouragement into her heart. And that is what happened the day she visited Hope Clinic. Kinley admitted that God had been attempting to get her attention for some time. Allowing God in her life was difficult because past religious ideologies made God seem unattainable and strange. Space was created for Kinley to openly share her struggles without judgment, and when she left that day, she left knowing her next best step. She was one step closer to clarity in her pregnancy decision. When Kinley returned for her ultrasound, the father of her baby, "Nick," was with her. During her ultrasound, there were multiple emotions. The main emotion was joy, but Nick expressed he was also terrified. He shared his own concerns about being a father because he did not grow up with a good example. They also expressed how much they loved the onesie "Best Gift Ever" that comes in the Love in a Box we give when we refer patients to Embrace Grace. They left, preparing to announce the news to their families with the biggest smiles on their faces. They were choosing life for their baby. A week later, we were told that another hard thing was thrown at Kinley. This could have caused her to backtrack and reconsider abortion, but she chose to stand courageously in the hope she had found. She would carry her baby knowing she has support from her family and Hope Clinic.

These stories remind us that our work is not done once life is chosen. We know that help is needed throughout the pregnancy and after the baby is born.

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