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Hopeless to Hopeful

Broken and hopeless is how "Shandra" came into the doors of Hope Clinic. She had been here before, and the story did not end as we had hoped. Here she was again stuck in a cycle and another bad relationship. Shandra had two other children, and the spiral of negative thoughts that she wasn't a good enough mother had her believing abortion was her only answer again. This was entirely an unplanned pregnancy. She confided that she was still trying to get on her feet from a previous abusive relationship as she explained her past hospital trips due to broken bones. Along with the emotional abuse that goes along with that, she expressed that she was "empty, totally depleted."

Shandra admitted that she prays and seeks God, but there was still hopelessness and despair. Yet, on this day, her care coordinator was able to speak life and hope into this young women's soul. When her care coordinator offered for Shandra to return and continue receiving emotional support, she was very appreciative, saying, "you mean I can come back and talk again?" And she did just that.

After three visits and one that included the ultrasound, Shandra found the hope she was missing. She was encouraged to turn to God, asking for His strength. She began to realize that God never expected us to walk this journey alone, and He wants us to rely on Him.

During her consults, Shandra realized the absolute truth about who she is, who God made her to be, and what she can do through Christ. Her care coordinator's emotional support helped her find courage and strength. The ultrasound and medical education her nurse provided confirmed the life that was growing inside her. Between her visits, she bravely began to reach out for help from others. She found support from her family and those at work. During this time, her baby's father constantly called, verbally pressuring her to have the abortion. But through the support she found in those surrounding her, she could resist the pressure and remove herself from this toxic relationship.

During Shandra's last visit, her outlook and demeanor had changed entirely. She was happy and very upbeat. She felt empowered to move forward with this pregnancy by her family & friends. She also said she had been reflecting on her time at Hope Clinic and knew she wasn't alone in making her decision.

She is staying connected through our Connections program, and we look forward to seeing how God will continue to change Shandra's life.

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