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Help Her Be Brave

'Leigh' came to Hope Clinic depressed and worried about being pregnant. She was scared and felt alone. Leigh has a medical condition that makes becoming pregnant difficult. She never thought she would see those double lines, especially since she decided never to have children. When Leigh was younger, she experienced abandonment, and the reality of becoming a mother brought that trauma to the forefront of her worries. She did not want to do this alone, and the father's response to the pregnancy showed signs that being abandoned could happen again. Even though she was in a dark place, it was evident Leigh had a sense of humor and that she was intelligent. Leigh was one of those girls you could be real from the start. As she discussed her past and the childhood pain, the conversation shifted to her faith.

Leigh shared her belief in God but

questioned her faith in Jesus because of what she had learned about other religions. That day the gospel was shared with Leigh in a way she had never heard before, but she still had doubts. Through this first encounter with Leigh, the care coordinator now knew how to pray for her. She spent time praying that Leigh would encounter the love of Christ through this new journey of motherhood.

When Leigh returned for her ultrasound, it was evident that she was more excited about the pregnancy, but her fears remained. Her care coordinator prayed for Leigh to find peace and clarity in her questions about God. The care coordinator encouraged Leigh to receive ongoing emotional support services, but Leigh declined. Finally, about two months later, prayers were answered, and Leigh reached out for emotional support. Leigh received a love in a box gift and was introduced to Embrace Grace, a twelve-week bible study provided by a local church for single pregnant women. After the twelve weeks, the church blesses the young women by hosting a baby shower. At first, Leigh declined the invitation to join the group, but the ladies who led the group did not give up on her as they continued to reach out to her, and finally, Leigh joined the group. Since being a part of Embrace Grace, Leigh has been surrounded by people who genuinely love her, and her relationship with Jesus has grown. Her questions about God were being answered. Leigh had more hope. After twelve weeks, Leigh told her care coordinator, "Thank you for inviting me to Embrace Grace! It has impacted my life in many ways and brought me closer to Jesus."


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