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Challenge After Challenge!

"Taylor" came in with an unexpected pregnancy. She exposed her many challenges growing up, such as her mom abusing drugs and alcohol, mom's boyfriend moving in, and Taylor not always knowing where she would lay her head some nights. As she faced these challenges, Taylor was fortunate and grateful for the support from an unlikely source at her school. She was able to get help with school assignments, finances, and applications for getting into college. She did not allow her family challenges to get in her way as she started college with hopes of graduating right around the corner. Then she was faced with another challenge, an unexpected pregnancy. So many things seemed to be going wrong. School and work were already complicated, and now Taylor was unsure how she could handle being pregnant at this time. Then she came to Hope Clinic, and through our services, she found hope in her difficult situations.

Taylor shared from her heart that when she came here.

"I was scared and felt a lot of pressure to decide about my pregnancy. Y'all were able to help me look at all my choices, and it was so nice to be able to just talk with someone without being judged. Having the ultrasound really helped me to see that it was really real - there was a baby, alive and I knew I couldn't do anything to it after seeing that. Knowing y'all were here to help support me during my pregnancy was great. What y'all do here is amazing!" We know that Taylor has a long road ahead of her, and we are committed to being there for her. At Hope Clinic, we are here to embrace those facing an unexpected pregnancy and help remove any obstacles between them and their pregnancy. Please pray for Taylor as she commits to her life goals. Pray she will continue to rise above as her community supports her.

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