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Ashley Burbank

Ashley lives in Seminary with her husband of 16 years, Eric, and their two children, Maggie (15) and Archie (14). Ashley graduated from Jones Junior College in 2004 and studied Psychology and Social Work for two years at the University of Southern Mississippi. She took a semester off to focus on other things and became pregnant unexpectedly. She had no plans to parent at this stage in her life, but God directed her steps even when she was not aware.

After the birth of Maggie, she was devoted to being a mother. Sixteen short months later, Archie was born. Ashley has homeschooled her children for the past seven years. Ashley continues to be in complete awe of where God has placed her and how His plan is so strategically designed. “Many young people who are afraid can not look past the situation they are in, in that very moment. I pray we can reach and help these girls before their whole world is wrecked by a decision made in fear.”

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