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A Hope Clinic Experience: Story 1 of 3

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If you haven't heard yet, Hope Clinic is growing and we have a big task ahead of us. Because it is a God move, we know He will provide and guide our path as He has already been doing! During the remainder of July, we would like to share a story each week about the impact your support is making. We want to paint a small picture of how your ongoing support will grow hope in our community.

This week our story is about a girl with a negative pregnancy test.

"Emma" came in requesting a pregnancy test and abortion education. As we took the time to listen and understand her situation, we learned that Emma was having a very difficult time at home. Along with a stressful home life, she had found herself in an abusive relationship. If she was pregnant she had no idea how she would handle a baby. She was scared, broken, and felt she was beyond getting past all the pain she had endured. That day, her care-coordinator offered a compassionate ear and a sense of hope through encouraging words.

Because her test was negative, the conversation became about her relationship choices and making decisions that matched her faith in Christ. Emma could not see her own strengths: she was a self-less and driven college student who worked hard to support herself. Her care-coordinator saw those strengths, and spoke encouragement and purpose into her life through God's truth and love.

A relationship formed that day between Emma and her Care Coordinator that has continued through the form of mentorship. The young lady has made a commitment to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. They agreed their key verse would be "Guard your heart above all else, for it it the source of life." Proverbs 4:23. The two will meet regularly for bible-study and Emma has expressed gratitude that God brought her to Hope Clinic.

Your support not only saves the lives of unborn babies. Your support is also planting seeds into young women who are making life style changes that will glorify God!

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