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  • Steffani Duckworth RDMS, RVS

Soul on the Line

We received a text from a previous patient requesting a pregnancy test. Last year she had been here around the same time pregnant and planning to have an abortion. She had a pending appointment at an abortion clinic, but she ended up choosing life for her sweet baby boy. Our first thought when we got the text was “not again.” When she arrived for her appointment, she came in intending to carry and parent. She stated her son brought her so much joy.

Before she returned to the clinic, we took time to look back at her history to clearly remember her entire story. We realized that at each visit we had been planting seeds of eternal hope to trust in Jesus as her Savior.

So, yes again, she was here because it was her heart our heavenly father was after! Her soul was on the line. God convicted us quickly about our judgmental thoughts when we received that text. When she came in for the pregnancy test, we spent time with her and did her ultrasound. Before she left the gospel was presented to her and yes, this time she accepted Christ as her Savior!!

It took two unplanned pregnancies, but her soul was worth it! Now one who God has pulled from the miry pit by His grace will make an eternal impact on her children and those around her. We are intentional to be pro-eternal life.

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