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A Change in Perspective

Many of our stories actually sound very similar. One common factor we see is fear, fear of what the future holds when a baby was not in the plans. This is where Hope Clinic comes in. We can help to bring clarity to what can seem like a whirlwind and when the only option appears to be abortion. One couple was pregnant… again.

They had previously had a miscarriage, and though that pregnancy was not planned it was devastating. This young lady had opened up her heart and connected with this life she did not plan for, and in a moment it was gone.

When she found herself pregnant again, she was determined abortion was the only option. She is in a committed relationship with the same guy, but she could not let herself bond with another life like before. Even though she did not realize this was what she was doing at the time.

The patient spent time with the care-coordinator discussing her situation in entirety.This time to pause, along with the ultrasound, was what brought a true change of perspective. She saw a heartbeat, and she begin to feel a bond. In that moment she knew her and her boyfriend needed to have the discussion of parenting. The entire process at Hope Clinic brought clarity to her situation, and with the encouragement of God’s plan and through His word this couple chose life for their unborn baby. They are now excited and making plans for their future.

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